What Are Sewing Notions?

Hey, you!

A dreamer who sews has to have notions. And I don’t mean the ones that reside in our heads.

I like to think of notions as any sewing supply that varies from project to project.

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Here is a short list of the possible notions you might need, depending on your project:

a pile of pretty bias binding

And much more…

When you begin any project, make sure you make a list of the notions that will be required and check it twice.

closeup of the notions area on the back of a commercial sewing pattern

It is beyond annoying to near the end of the project and realize…

Oops, I don’t have any bias tape or the right zipper or whatever. Ask me how I know this?!

The End

Like I said, this is just a short list.

While these items don’t make up the core of your sewing arsenal, they are still necessary for finishing a dress and yielding a professional result.

Therefore, they must be factored into the budget from the start.

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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