Sew Easy Tip #2 ~ Accurate Seam Allowances

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Hey, you!

Once you sit down at your sewing machine to sew an insanely pretty dress, you have to make sure of a few things if you are to head in the direction of success!

And they are…

It’s the third point that we’re going to cover in this article…

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Why Accurate Seam Allowances Are Important

First, you must keep in mind this very important fact…

The seam guide on your machine is only accurate when the needle is in the center position.

Failure to maintain accurate seam allowances from start to finish can result in a dress that is too small or too big. :-((

And after all the hard work you’ve put into preparing to sew your dress, I don’t want this for you!

Therefore, I’m going to give you a Sew Easy Tip #2 that will ensure your success…

How to “Mark” the Seam Allowance on the Bed of a Sewing Machine

It’s simple really.

All modern sewing machine needle plates come with markings for the most common seam allowances, but they are itty bitty lines that can sometimes be difficult to follow.

With this Sew Easy Tip, you will essentially be making the seam allowance guide line longer.

So when you’re ready, here’s how you ensure accurate seam allowances in all your projects:

  1. Depending on how your sewing machine is designed, you may or may not have to remove your flatbed attachment/accessory box.
  2. Then, take a square piece of unlined paper or an index card and your seam gauge or 2×18 grid ruler and mark a vertical two inch line that is 5/8 inch away from one straight edge.  For this example, I choose 5/8 inch as it is the standard seam allowance for garment sewing. But you can use this tip for a different seam allowance.


  1. Next, place the marked square of paper under your presser foot and line up your needle with the line on the paper. Lower the needle into the paper by turning your hand wheel towards you.
  2. Now, align a piece of masking tape (low tack) or thick rubber band along the edge of the paper.


  1. Finally, remove the square of paper and marvel at your longer seam allowance guide.

Alternatively, you could even use a rubber band in place of the masking tape.


How easy was that?!

Now, you’re ready to sew garments that will fit you as intended!

The End

Like I said, whatever you sew will required accurate seam allowances from start to finish. But this is especially critical when constructing garments!

Now you have a handy Sew Easy Tip that will help ensure that you sew garments that fit you!

And all you need is a square piece of unlined paper or an index card, a pen, and a rubber band or masking tape.

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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