How to Sew (Pivot) Outside Corners

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Hey, you!

Pivoting outside corners is a super simple skill to acquire!

And it comes in handy when you need to sew, for example, collars or patch pockets. (Because who doesn’t love pockets?!)

So if you’re ready to learn how to pivot outside corners, let’s do this…

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How to Sew Outside Corners

Pivoting comes in handy when you need to sew something with an outside corner like a patch pocket.


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Okay. Now that you have your practice sheets

Here’s how you pivot an outside corner:

  1. Align your needle at one corner and begin to stitch forward.
  2. As you near the next corner, slow down. Because you don’t want to overshoot the corner.
  3. Stop a few stitches shy of the corner and turn your hand wheel towards you until you reach the corner. Using the handwheel will give you greater control, so you do NOT stitch past the pivot point!
  4. When you reach the corner, sink your needle either by pressing the needle position button or turning your hand wheel towards you to lower your needle. It is essential that you lower your needle BEFORE you lift your presser foot!
  5. Then, lift your presser foot.
  6. Then, turn the paper or fabric to pivot the corner.
  7. Lower your presser foot, and then continue stitching forward towards the next corner.
  8. Repeat as needed…

Here’s an example of the perfect pivot at an outside corner…


See simple and easy, right?!

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Now, you know that sewing outside corners is just plain easy!


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And remember…

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