What You Need to Know to Fit a Sewing Pattern

fitting pattern: butterick 5627 and its guide sheet

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Is the title of this article making your underarms moist?! Is your scalp suddenly itchy?! Did the flutter of a thousand butterflies in your stomach appear out of nowhere?!

Well, you’re not alone.

If there is one sewing topic that seems to elicit these symptoms and stops most of us who aspire to sew our own clothing before we even start, it is:

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Understanding Garment Ease

2 patterns comparing close fitting and very loose fitting ease

Hey, you!

Probably since the dawn of time, we humans have been seeking out ways to make our existence less difficult, more comfortable, and pain free.

In fact, we spend a good deal of our lives seeking out people and circumstances that put us at ease.

And if the self-help industry is any indication, we are consumed with the desire to feel at ease in our own skin and with our place in society.

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