How to Organize Your Sewing Tools & Supplies

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Hey, you!

As artisans and creators, we have tools and fabric. And every creator knows his tools are his bread and butter and takes care of them accordingly.

Our tools and supplies are precious to us and they need a home.

There are many options designed specifically for storing sewing tools and supplies. You could certainly buy one of those.

Or, you could think outside the box. The choice is yours.

But whatever you do, make a choice and get organized.

Because being able to find the tool you need when you need it is PRICELESS.

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Storing Sewing Tools + Supplies

If you want to keep it simple, you could buy a traditional sewing kit that is specifically designed to provide a cozy home for your sewing tools and supplies.

Traditional Sewing Kit

You could go with a traditional sewing kit.

Or, you could choose a storage option that was intended for something else…

Over-the-Door Shoe Bags

For example:


If you choose this storage option, get the clear vinyl one. I like this one and this one.

I choose this option and I love that I can easily see my tools and supplies at-a-glance.

Muffin Tin with Cover

How about organizing your smaller notions like safety pins, tacks, bias tape makers, etc. in a muffin tin that comes with a cover?!

And you can easily stack them.

I think this is such a cute idea!

Fishing Tackle Box

With this one, you get plenty of options.

And fishing tackle boxes look like they mean business, which you do, right?!

Husky Tote

Or, my personal favorite: this 10-inch All-Purpose Husky Tote. I picked him up at Home Depot.


And I am loving it.

It may not be “pretty,” but it is handsome. And at just 10 inches, it lives up to its name with 16 outside pockets…

And just take a peek inside–seven more pockets.

And that space in the center is the perfect home for my bobbin storage box, my presser feet storage box, my box of needles, my box of threads, and my box of marking tools.

My shears adore having their own “apartments.”

This 10-inch Husky tote is simply puuurfect for taking my sewing essentials on the go.

Okay, time for me to stop crushing on this tote and move on…

Peg Board

And finally, a pegboard can be a wonderful place to store your sewing tools and supplies.

I like that your tools and supplies are on display. This way they will be in your visual range every time you enter the room.

Now, that’s what I call perpetual inspiration to sew.

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Bobbin Storage


It is important that you provide your bobbins shelter from nicks because a nicked bobbin will act the fool in your sewing machine.


I really like this option and this option for storing my bobbins.

Needle Storage Idea

As for sewing machine needles, I like to see what I have on hand at-a-glance.

And I don’t enjoy rummaging through a box looking for the right needle for the job. So I thought that this makes a pretty nifty storage idea for my needles:


And then, I can place these pages in a 3-ring binder right by my sewing machine.

The only con: The brand of business card pages in the image above is not as stiff as I would like. (Although, I do believe there probably is a brand that is stiffer.)

So when I have some downtime, I am going to either stuff each one with pre-made business card templates to add some stability.

What do you think?!

UPDATE: Click HERE for a BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT idea for needle storage! I am so doing this! Thanks, Laura!

Fabric Storage Idea

It’s no secret (even to non-sewers) that we sewists are easily seduced by fabric and more fabric…

For many of us, there is simply no such thing as too much fabric.

And because we are so easily seduced by fabric, it is also all too easy for our sewing space to become buried under our fabric stash.

But not anymore…

I recently discovered what I think is the very best way to store our beautiful lengths of fabric. And this is it: Wonder Hanger Max, New & Improved.


Now, how cool is this hanger?!

This is a hanger on steroids! And do you know the best part…

Your fabric stays put. Yes, even those super gorgeous but slippery, misbehaving ones!

And with this option, your fabric is clearly visible for admiring and inspiring and easily accessible for touching.

And you can get super OCD and organize first by season, and then colour.

What’s not to love?!

The End

Okay, I think you get the idea…

With a little imagination, the possibilities are limitless!

I hope that this post has stimulated your imagination as to how you can provide a home for your sewing tools, supplies, and fabric.

Trust me when I say that being organized makes the labor of love that is sewing that much easier and pleasurable.

So go forth and organize…

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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