Fabric 101 & 201

Hey, you!

Do you know what a top chef and sewist have in common?


Well, then, let me share…

A top chef uses fresh ingredients; a little sea or Kosher salt; freshly ground black peppercorns; creamy, imported butter; exquisite extra-virgin olive oil or buttery avocado oil; fresh herbs; and simple preparation techniques “to lure with aroma; entice with colour; disarm with texture; seduce with flavor.”

And a sewist uses the right needle size and typea quality threadmiscellaneous notionsa clean sewing machine; and a seductive length of exquisite fabric to bring to life a garment that lures, entices, disarms, and seduces.

Let’s begin with fabric constructions…

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The Three Types of Fabric Constructions

First, understand that fabric falls into one of three construction:

  1. Wovens
  2. Knits
  3. Nonwovens (for example, real leather, faux leather, faux fur, suede, felt)

To make a long story very short…

Wovens are made on a loom. First, the weaver starts with warp (lengthwise) threads on the loom and then interweaves the weft (crosswise) threads. Therefore, while knits and nonwovens do not have grainlines, wovens do.

Knits are the result of looped yarns. It is this looping that gives knits the stretch factor that we all seem to adore.

Nonwovens include such things as real leather, faux leather, faux fur, suede and felt. And like I shared before, they (like knits) do not have grainlines.

Psst! Did you know that leather is animal skin with its fur coat removed?! Me, I never really thought about it until I began sewing.

Anyhoo, if you’re ready to get up close and personal with fabric and learn the two keys to choosing the right fabric for your garment projects, I’ve got you covered…

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Let’s Practice Sewing

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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