How to Set-in a Sleeve


Hey, you!

Like me, have you wondered what the easiest way to set in a sleeve without fugly puckers or tucks?

Well, I think I’ve found it! First, sew the shoulder seam. Next, align the sleeve with the armhole and sew from notch to notch, leaving the underarm section unsewn. Next, sew the sleeve underarm seam and then the side seam (SS) of the garment. Finally,  finish the underarm section. 

That’s it! Sort of…

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How to Sew an Inseam Pocket


Hey, you!

Do you want to know how to sew pretty inseam pockets?

Well, it is super easy to sew inseam pockets! Just cut out four (4) pocket pattern pieces. Then, stitch the pocket pieces to the side seams (SS) of the skirt FRONT and the skirt BACK and align them over each other at the SS. Then, starting at the SS above the pocket, stitch down to the pocket, and pivot. Next, stitch around the pocket curve to the SS below the pocket and pivot. And finally, stitch the rest of SS to the hem of the garment.

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How to Knot Thread for Hand Sewing


Hey, you!

At some point during your love affair with sewing, you will probably have to do some hand sewing. For example, when you want to apply a hook + eye closure.

And when that time comes, you’ll most likely have to begin with a hand needle threaded and with a single or the double thread ends knotted.

This knot ensures that your hand stitching stays put after construction.

Now, the way I was taught involves saliva and a simple hand motion. Yes, you read right: saliva!


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