How to Assess Your Figure

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Hey, you!

There are some things that just seem inconceivable for us humans to achieve!

The first one that comes to mind is, of course, world peace. Seriously, why can’t we all just be nice to each other?! And if that is totally beyond us, why can’t be just be civil and do no harm?!


And the second thing is why can’t we ladies stop hating on our bodies. And be kind to the place where our soul resides for our brief time here!


It makes me sad and crazy that we can’t  get over the numbers of our bust, waist, and hips and embrace that just like Planet Earth has many varied but beautiful terrains, so does the female body.

With that said, I’m about to ask you to do something very scary…

Stand in front of a mirror either in your skivvies or buck naked and come to terms with what you see.

But first, a simple factoid about sewing patterns…

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The Truth About Sewing Patterns

A garment sewing pattern is drafted based on a composite template of an average woman, who is 5 feet, six inches tall and a B cup.

True, one could argue how average can this woman be if she is near impossible to locate in the real world.

But still, I think that we need to cut commercial pattern companies a bit of slack. They have to begin somewhere. And if they have done a decent job of drafting a design, what they have given us a very good STARTING template from which to create our own personalized template.

Once you’ve bought a sewing pattern, it is up to the person who knows your body the best to customized that template.

And who is that you ask?!

Well, you, of course!

You live in your body 86,400 seconds of every day. You bathe it. You clothe it. You feed it. So who better than you?!

So ready or not, let’s just get this over with…

How to Assess Your Body

silhouette of a woman thinking I am kind. I am courageous. I am beautiful.

We’ll need a tonnage of courage, the objectivity of a good friend, a hand mirror, and a full-length mirror to assess our body.

For this assignment, I am going to ask you to pretend that you are a beloved friend that loves you deeply and only wants the best for you. Once your mindset has shifted from “critical you” to “friend you,” ask yourself the following questions:

Stand facing straight ahead…

  • Are your shoulders square or sloped? Is one shoulder higher than the other?
  • Where does your head sit on your body?
  • How about your hips? Are they level? Or is one hip higher than the other?
  • How about your hip curve? Is it gradual, pronounced, or nonexistent?

the female body back and front ~ featured image

Now, turn sideways…

  • Is your upper back rounded?
  • Does your lower back curve in quite a bit at the waist?
  • Is the curve of your ar$e pronounced or subtle?
  • What about your bust? How much or little have you been blessed with?
  • Is your tummy flat or have you lived a bit?

Finally, turn your back to the full-length mirror and pick up your hand mirror…

  • Look at your back. Is your upper back broad, narrow, or average?

Guess what?!

It’s over! And we survived!

Sew easy tip: If you’re really unhappy with a particular area of your body, why not commit today to changing it for the better while stilling loving yourself?!

The End

I know that was probably excruciating!

It was for me too.

But now we have the necessary knowledge about our body to adjusting patterns so that we can sew insanely pretty garments that fit us perfectly!

Up next: Understanding Garment Ease and Preferred Fit!

And remember…

Life is the ultimate red carpet event. Dress for it!

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